About Principle Power

As a renewable energy technology developer, Principle Power is committed to delivering green, sustainable energy products today, while maintaining the highest level of environmental stewardship.

Principle Power is focused on the intermediate and deep-water depth (greater than 40 meters) offshore wind energy market. To date, offshore wind installations in these water depths have neither been viable nor feasible due to economic and technological limitations. Principle Power’s product, the WindFloat, is a floating foundation for wind turbines which enables siting independent of water depth, thus exploiting the world’s highest capacity wind resources. The design is patented, with Principle Power Inc. owning the WindFloat patent and trademark.

Principle Power sells WindFloat systems (foundation and ANY offshore wind turbine) directly to project developers and municipal or investor owned utilities. The WindFloat enables these end-users access to deep-water offshore wind resources and ease of delivery to high demand coastal load-centers. In addition, Principle Power provides design, and maintenance services to WindFloat-equipped power projects and can opportunistically license the technology when needed.

The breadth of experience, expertise, and proven track record of Principle Power’s management team are commensurate with the demands of a successful product and technology developer. Further, Principle Power’s personnel are strategically located within target markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal.

Principle Power is committed to developing deep-water offshore wind markets around the world. This commitment, together with financing, engineering, and product development expertise, results in a significant triple bottom line investment opportunity: attractive financial returns, clean energy generation and social responsibility.